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Concealed Carry Leggings


How do you conceal carry in leggings?

There are many, many conceal carry leggings around today with built-in pockets for a handgun. However, at Vakandi, we do not condone this type of carry for safety reasons. Trigger guard cover (the area on a pistol where the trigger is located) and retention (your pistol "clicking" into place securely in your holster) are very, very important when it comes to ensuring your safety while carrying a firearm. We always advise carrying in a high quality kydex holster such as Black Point Tactical and with a gun belt such as NexBelt EDC Belts

A good holster will provide you with the most reliable protection from any accidental discharges from objects getting near the trigger when reholstering or carrying. In addition, you will have more retention which means it will be very unlikely that your pistol will fall out of your holster unexpectedly if you are inverted or fly off of you during an attack, heaven forbid. Not all holsters require a gun belt (there are several clip on holster options), but when dealing with stretchy comfy yoga pants, elasticity and support are primarily compensated for with a solid gun belt. Gun belts are durable and thick and can even be used to rack your slide on if you happen to only have one hand available at the time (perhaps holding a child or someone grabbing you). 

All Vakandi products have thick elastic waistbands built in with double reinforced belt loops to provide women and men with the opportunity to carry a firearm in the safest, most reliable way while still wearing comfortable stylish athletic bottoms such as yoga pants, compression shorts, skorts etc. People have been carrying firearms for thousands of years, but when yoga leggings became acceptable as pants, the need for belt loops got left behind.

That's why our entire company is based around the concept of helping thousands of good people keep themselves and their families safe while still maintaining a comfortable, reliable, and stylish wardrobe. This is not to say that any of the other methods of conceal carrying in leggings don't work, we simply support the safest, most reliable method whenever possible. If we can help you in any way on your concealed carry journey, please reach out! erika@vakandiapparel.com or kris@vakandiapparel.com 

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By Erika Knight

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