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Greetings folks,

Welcome to Vakandi Apparel!

At Vakandi, we are thrilled when good people carry a gun and make the world a safer place. We hope more people will buy, train with, and carry a weapon of self defense because we provide more convenient, comfortable, and stylish clothes to accommodate the modern gun owner.

Founded in 2017, Vakandi Apparel envisions a world free from fear where sensible arm owners like you take charge to lead the safety & promote responsible gun ownership under the law. 

Being a family-owned & women-managed company, we understand how crucial the safety of your loved ones is for you. With that in mind, we bring a chic line of tactical leggings, capris, compression shorts, and more that are designed to meet the needs of gun owners who prioritize both style and function. 

Our mission is to encourage every US citizen to train with and carry a firearm comfortably and reliably because the more good people who own, train with, and carry a gun, the safer this country will be. We take huge pride in our highest quality products, our expertise and customer service come from well-trained experienced gun-owning women who carry one every day themselves.

With over five years of experience in the industry, we design, test, and modify our products until they are perfect. Our originally-designed leggings with belt loops and large pockets are made by women for women. Join us in our mission to promote more individuals to exercise their second amendment rights & carry a firearm for self-defense with our stylish and reliable concealed carry apparel. 


Stay Vigilant!