About Us

Vakandi is a family-owned company run by husband and wife, Drs' Mac and Erika Smith, both chiropractors. They created the original design of leggings with belt loops and side pockets for Erika's personal use because she was an avid yoga practitioner prior to carrying a firearm and was always wearing yoga pants. When she met her husband in 2015, he introduced her to firearms and bought her her first gun, a Glock 43.  After showing her the basics of gun handling and shooting, Mac took Erika to her first pistol training class in May 2016 at Valor Ridge in Tennessee. After this class, Erika did not take her Glock off her hip and carries every single day; this lead to wardrobe issues.

After searching the market for "tactical yoga pants" and not finding anything that worked well for her, Erika decided to design her own tactical apparel with the help and encouragement of Mac. When great interest sparked on Erika's social media platforms after posting in the new tactical apparel, the couple knew what they needed to do and founded Vakandi Apparel in August of 2017. The company has grown steadily over the years. In June of 2020, Erika left chiropractic and now focuses solely on running Vakandi with her husband Mac, who still practices part time. They have since expanded the line and will continue to add new designs that best meet the market's desires and needs. 

Vakandi’s vision is that more individuals will be inclined to exercise their second amendment rights and carry a weapon of self-defense in a reliable fashion due to the convenient, comfortable, and stylish nature of their products.

Stay vigilant.